The Weekender: Three Bags Full

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The winter travel season is at our doorstep. Although it’s seems unlikely you’ll be treated with dignity at the security checkpoint, at least there are some carry-on options that allow you to do it in style.

Billykirk White WeekenderWhite Christmas

You don’t see enough white in luggage. This stout weekender from Billykirk ain’t no snowflake and has room for a closet’s worth of long johns.

Need Supply $285.

Prep Sensibilities

Inspired by vintage stadium blankets, this large duffel comes filled with ivy league charm. You’ll have to provide your own fight songs.

Jack Spade $395 on sale for $276.50

Water Bag Wonder

Expertly crafted from one sheet of extra-thick boot leather, the Water Bag offers an array of packing and carrying configurations and a 100-year warranty.

Saddleback Leather $645

Professer Elemental’s Fighting Trousers

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Fighting TrousersI don’t like your tweed, sir.

Though it’s a little late in the year for short pants, those of you in a more tropical climate might find need for some fighting trousers. You could do worse than these 5-pocket bermuda shorts from Meltin Pot.

Meltin Pot Bermuda: Yoox $65

Introducing: Pub Quiz Hero

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Mix equal parts hip grad student and seasoned world traveler.

You might be the king of sound-byte history, underdog batting averages, and other ephemera, but you need to up your game if you want to be remembered as Pub Quiz champion.

The cardigan gives this ensemble a scholarly bent, paired with a plaid shirt for relaxed cool. Shoes by John Fluevog lend you fashion-forward class that everyone will notice. A military canvas watch offers simple, travel-ready utility. Natural belt by Billykirk will keep your premium denim in place as your team takes the cup with your encyclopedic affinity for Warwick Davis movies.

The Gear

Quicksilver plaid shirt: Nordstrom $55
Gap tipped cardigan:
Gap $60
Levi Hesher jeans (blue sky):
Levi $100
Citizen Eco-drive canvas military chronograph: Amazon $130
Billykirk No. 109 natural leather skinny belt:
John Fluevog Ooishi cap-toe loafers: Fluevog $190

Pub photo by: Matthew Black

Rock It Both Ways: Spring Wedding vs. Beach Wedding

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Exhibit A: Shirt and Jacket

Always start with the most comfortable white cotton v-neck tee you can find. Stick to a classic khaki two-button jacket; the right cut will last you a lifetime of summers. Although khaki is less formal than black or blue, warm weather calls for light colors. A cotton jacket will pick up wrinkles, that’s part of the charm of the fabric. It’s perfectly normal to develop creases at the elbow and back from sitting down. So long as you don’t sleep in it you’ll look in top shape.

Every man should own a perfectly-fit white dress shirt. Ignore the washing instructions on the label; always have it dry cleaned.

For Church

Tuck in your shirt and accessorize with a great tie. Remember to have the top button fastened whenever you are standing. At the reception, wait for the groom or the bride’s father to remove his jacket before you take yours off.

For the Beach

Wear your shirt casual: Untucked and with the collar unbuttoned. You can roll the shirt sleeves with the jacket sleeves twice. The cuffs shouldn’t quite hit your elbow. You will want to get your jacket pressed before you wear it to a formal event.

The Gear

Khaki 2-Button Cotton Sport Coat: Brooks Brothers $298
White Cotton Dress Shirt: Hugo Boss $95

Exhibit B: Trousers

For Church

Go dressy and bring some texture into the mix with a great set of brown trousers. Avoid pleated fronts slacks, they look like grandpa pants.
Brown Sharkskin Slacks: Alfani RED $125

For the Beach

You’ll move around a lot more at a beach wedding, but jeans are still too informal. Skate pants are perfect since they’ll read as chinos but a little stretch will let you dance on the sand with ease.
Brown Stretch Twill Trousers: RVCA $78

Exhibit C: Shoes and Accessories

For Church

Tan Brogues: Ted Baker $145
Charcoal Titanium Dress Watch: Skagen $165
Madras Plaid Tie: Polo Ralph Lauren $85
Hankercheif Pocket Square: Nautica $11

For the Beach

Cream Chuck Taylor Slip-ons: John Varvatos $95
Gold Woven Leather Dress Watch: Tommy Bahama $175
Woven Leather Bracelet: Orvis $49

Beach photo by: {just jennifer}
Ceremony Site photo by: hillary h